Faith Lutheran Church Council and Boards header

The Faith Lutheran Church Council is comprised of the leadership officers and all board members. The boards and full council meet on the second Wednesday of every month to conduct the business of the church. Council minutes can be viewed in the Spirit of Faith. Because each board focuses on a specific mission or aspect of the church, the board members and their roles can be found below.

Executive Committee:
President: Joel Hood
Vice President: 
Treasurer: Jennifer Skansberg
Secretary: Gladys Luecken

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the financial management of the church as well as upkeep on the building.  The members are:
Tom Beltz
Steve Skansberg
Doug Sloan
Dave Hallan
MaryAnn Erickson

The Board of Deacons is responsible, under the leadership of the pastor, for the spiritual life of the congregation.  The members are:
Bonnie Underdahl
Marilyn Ames
Kathi Sloan

The Board of Youth is responsible for all activities involving grades 7-12 from community service activities to confirmation to youth events.  The members are:
Joni Erickson
Chris Anderson
Sara Olson

The Board of Education is responsible for the education of the entire congregation from Sunday School to adult education.  The members are:
Lindy Caspers
Amanda (Amie) Jordan